Determining the Time for Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Time and Duration

Each case is unique, but normally between eight and twelve sessions are required to completely erase a tattoo. While certain tattoos may have additional treatment sessions, others may necessitate less.

What determines the time it takes to remove a tattoo?

The amount of ink used, the skin tone, the placement of the tattoo on the body, and smoking all contribute to the time required to remove a tattoo. While there is no way to predict exactly how many treatments will be required, going in for a consultation is the best way to get an approximation of how many treatments may be required.

Ink Quantity

Certain tattoos have a higher ink concentration. Those that have more ink will take longer to erase, while those that contain less ink will take less time. Two layers of ink are used in cover-up tattoos, for example. Due to the fact that ink is removed in layers, a cover-up tattoo would almost certainly require more time to treat. Due to the fact that homemade tattoos contain less ink, they require fewer treatments to erase; some require only one treatment.

Tone of skin

Due to the laser’s ability to remove pigment from the skin, it may have a variable effect on different skin tones. We can safely erase any tattoo from any skin tone by utilizing the right settings and monitoring the laser’s use, but darker skin tones may take additional time and attention than lighter skin tones.

Tattoo’s placement

The procedure of laser tattoo removal requires the assistance of your own immune system. As the ink is broken up by the laser, immune cells in your body collect and eliminate it. Immune cells move at their fastest near the heart, where blood pressure is elevated. As a result, tattoos located near the heart can be removed more quickly.


Smokers with tattoos should anticipate an extended treatment time for tattoo removal, as the smoker’s immune system is occupied with removing foreign toxins from the lungs. Due to the immune system working overtime, removing a smoker’s tattoo completely may take substantially longer.

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