How Long Should You Wait After Tattoo Removal Before Swimming?

Swimming after tattoo removal

Thinking about bikini season and that tattoo you’d like to get removed, but not sure if you’ll be able to swim afterward? We comprehend. Summer is almost here, and this is your guide to getting started on tattoo removal while still enjoying as many summer activities as possible!

Is it safe to swim after having a laser tattoo removal procedure?

As with a tattoo, you should avoid immersing the treated area in hot or potentially dirty water until the tattoo has healed. Baths, hot tubs, pools, oceans, lakes, and rivers where the tattoo is submerged should be avoided until any redness or blisters have healed. To avoid coming into contact with any potential sources of infection for your newly treated tattoo, we recommend avoiding submersion.

How Long Can You Swim After Getting a Tattoo Removed?

We recommend waiting 3-5 days after tattoo removal before entering a hot tub or other body of water. Of course, if your tattoo remains red, itchy, or blistered after 3-5 days, avoid swimming until the treated area has healed. Don’t be concerned if you accidentally fall into some water. Simply rinse the area thoroughly and gently with clean water and mild soap.

To fully enjoy tattoo removal and summer activities, we recommend waiting a few days after tattoo removal before swimming. It is also essential to keep the treated area away from direct sunlight. To keep sunlight from interfering with your removal progress, we recommend bandaging the area or wearing a cover sleeve.